Monday, July 16, 2012

30 Before 30

I'm leaving this list a little more open ended so it's not so much pressure to do specific things, but rather a framework for things I want to do more of and I can fill them in as I go. I've put a few in that I'm planning on doing already.

30 Before 30

1. Christmas quilt
2. Christmas tree skirt
3. Triangle quilt
4. Quilt for Dan

Be Crafty:

Cook/Bake New Things:

Get Organized:
15. Teacher Closet

Be Involved in Charity Work:
19. Volunteer at Food Depository
20. Do the park building charity
21. Habitat for humanity

Go On Adventures:

Learn How To Do Something New:
27. How to french braid my own hair

30. Read At Least 12 Books A Year

25 Before 25 Update

I am now 25 and it's time to look at the list again:

25 Before 25
1. Lose 25 pounds Sadly I haven't
2. Keep the weight off! Sadly I haven't
3. Run a 5k without stopping to walk Sadly I haven't
4. Leave the country again Sadly I haven't..$$$
5. See the redwood forest Sadly I haven't...$$$
6. Sew a piece of clothing for myself Sadly I haven't, wanna wait until I lose the weight
8. Finish my Snuggie project Sadly I haven't, dropped the ball on this one
11. Finish trim on my first quilt for myself  I'm doing this once I finish the purple quilt
12. Make my purple quilt I'm working on this now
13. Go camping in a tent again I'm doing this in August with Corey
14. Dress at a reenacting event again I'm doing this in September
15. Make a full Indian dinner from scratch Sadly I haven't, dropped the ball on this one, doing it later this summer

22. Donate a large of sum of money to a charity (several hundreds of dollars) Sadly I haven't, my money situation hasn't turned into what I was hoping for
23. Caption my New Zealand photo albums Sadly I haven't, dropped the ball on this one, doing it later this summer

21. Read 52 books (1.The Alchemyst  2.HP & the SS  3.HP & the CoS  4.HP & PoA  5.HP & GoFir.gif 6.HP & OotPir.gif 7. HP & HPB 8. HP & DHir.gif  9. The Girl With the Dragon Tattooir.gif 10. The Girl Who Played With Fireir.gif 11. Farmer Boyir.gif 12. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nestir.gif  13. Twilight14. The Four Season Harvest  15. Touching Spirit Bear 16. Dinosaurs Before Dark 17. Midnight on the Moon 18.  Artemis Fowl 19. Eragon 20. Please Write In This Book 21. The Foretelling 22. Afternoon On the Amazon 23. Dolphins Before  Daybreak 24. Eldest 25. Evernight 26.  The Good Life 27. This Side of Paradise 28. Freedom 29. Brisingr 30. The Magician 31.  The Sorceress 32. Hate That Cat 33.Powerless 34. The Mostly True Tales of Homer P. Figg 35. A Stolen Life 36. Flygirl 37. I  Can't Keep My Own Secrets 38. The Lottery Winner 39. The Hunger Games 40. Catching Fire 41. Mockingjay 42.Inheritance  43. Phantom Tollbooth 44. Alice In Charge 45. Incredibly Alice 46. Multiple Blessings 47.The Golden Compass 48. The Subtle  Knife 49. Let's Pretend This Never Happened 50. The False Prince 51. 50 Shades of Grey 52. 50 Shades Darker 53. 50 Shades  Freed)
 7. Sew a piece of clothing for my nephews & my niece  (D- a cape, M- a dress, E- monkey Halloween costume)
9. Make my nephew D.'s tooth pillow Done!
10. Make Dad's quilt
16. Find the perfect sugar cookie recipe 
17. Find the perfect homemade cake frosting recipe
18. Have a window garden 
19. Pay off my car loan
20. Make a niece & nephews photo album
24. Get good at applying eye liner
25. Learn how to cook with tofu

I wish I had finished more, but once I'm done with the few I have plans for I'll have done 17 out of 25.

Some of these are too hard to do this summer and are being incorporated into my 30 Before 30 List.