Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My patterns came!  This one is the dress I am making for my niece:

Isn't it an adorable pattern?  And I'll be using this fabric:
She picked out the fabric, so it makes the project even more fun for the both of us.
I need an accent pattern and I think I'm going to go with this darker pink:

The only thing that I am fairly upset about is that the "pattern" did not come with tissue paper!  I thought that was the point of paying for a pattern!  (And it did cost a fair bit of money.)  It just came with this tiny booklet with bad diagrams:

Therefore, I'll have to do this project with my mom so I don't screw up royally and then waste the money I spent on fabric.  She has made clothes before and will be a big help!

The other pattern I won't be using for awhile, but will eventually be used to make a dress for me!  And thankfully, it does have the tissue paper to help you cut your fabric to the right size.
Making an item of clothing for myself and for my two nephews and my niece are all on my 25 Before 25 List.  It will be fun to be able to cross another thing off soon!

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