Monday, September 20, 2010

25 Before 25

I was inspired by Making It Lovely's 30 Before 30 List and made my own.  I have about a year and a half to do all of these.  Every time I cross one of my list I'll do a post about it.  

1. Lose 20 pounds
2. Keep the weight off!
3. Run a 5k without stopping to walk
4. Leave the country again
5. See the redwood forest
6. Sew a piece of clothing for myself
7. Sew a piece of clothing for both of my nephews & my niece (D- a cape, M- a dress, E- monkey Halloween costume)
8. Finish my Snuggie project
9. Make my nephew D.'s tooth pillow Done!
10. Make Dad's quilt
11. Finish trim on my first quilt  
12. Make my purple quilt
13. Go camping in a tent again
14. Dress at a reenacting event again
15. Make a full Indian dinner from scratch
16. Find the perfect sugar cookie recipe
17. Find the perfect homemade cake frosting recipe
18. Have a window garden
19. Pay off my car loan
20. Make a niece & nephews photo album
21. Read 52 books (1.The Alchemyst  2.HP & the SS  3.HP & the CoS  4.HP & PoA  5.HP & GoF 6. HP & OotP 7. HP & HPB 8. HP & DH 9. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 10. The Girl Who Played With Fire 11. Farmer Boy 12. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest)
22. Donate a large of sum of money to a charity (several hundreds of dollars)
23. Caption my New Zealand photo albums24. Get good at applying eye makeup
25. Learn how to cook with tofu

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