Thursday, September 23, 2010

Broccoli Cheese Pasta FAIL

At Target this week I treated myself to some delicious, fancy, & expensive cheeses.   I bought some smoked gouda and creamy havarti.  I used some of it in my Fancy Grilled Cheese and then I used more of it in a broccoli cheese pasta that I invented myself.  However, it didn't go well enough for me to share the recipe with anyone.  I tried to make a cheese sauce......and it failed pretty epicly.  My boyfriend and I ate it anyway (with sundried tomatoes!  Lately I've been throwing them in to everything I can) and it tasted pretty good.  But all I'll do is show you a picture:

*Please note how it looks like there is no cheese in the bowl.  This is because instead of being a sauce that coated everything as I had planned, the cheese stayed in chunks that are hidden in that shot.

I also made Incredibly Delicious Cheese Garlic Bread to go with it that certainly did not fail.  It was indeed incredibly delicious.  Though after making it, I think calling it "Cheese Garlic Butter Bread" is a more fitting name.  I ate the leftovers for my lunch today.  No, not the pasta leftovers.  The garlic bread leftovers.



  1. Cheese sauce is tricky; it wants to separate. Check out more recipes and cookbooks and see if the cook says something about how to make it stay together.